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Become a patient-centered medical home (PCMH)

In fulfillment of our mission to ensure superior care for the underserved, AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia offers our providers the information you need to become a patient-centered medical home (PCMH).

For more detailed information about the PCMH model of care, the related recognition process, and many tools and resources, please visit the AmeriHealth Caritas patient-centered medical home site.

What is a patient-centered medical home?

A PCMH is a philosophy of health care delivery that encourages providers and care teams to meet patients where they are, for the simplest to the most complex conditions.

A PCMH treats the whole person in order to continuously improve their patients' health.

A nationally recognized PCMH meets or exceeds the measures of NCQA-defined standards:

  • Enhancing practice access and continuity
  • Identifying and managing patient populations
  • Planning and managing patient care
  • Providing self-care support and community resources
  • Tracking and coordinating care
  • Measuring and improving performance

PCMH incentives

There are many reasons for you to consider becoming a PCMH:

  • Your practice will be viewed as a model for primary care
  • Meeting PCMH standards leads to lower costs and higher quality health care
  • Your practice will be better positioned for value-based reimbursement programs

To learn more about  the PCMH model of care and recognition, visit the AmeriHealth Caritas Patient-Centered Medical Home site.

Become a PCMH

We are here to help you on your journey to becoming a PCMH. For more information, including forms and tools that will help you begin the PCMH transformation and recognition process, visit the AmeriHealth Caritas patient-centered medical home site.