Senior Staff

Karen M. Dale, R.N., MSN

Karen M. Dale, R.N., MSN

Market President

Karen M. Dale is Market President for AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia, a mission-based Medicaid Managed Care Organization in Washington, D.C., and the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer for the AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies. Her focus includes applying a health equity lens to impact all levels of policies, processes, decisions, laws, and outcomes for the communities AmeriHealth Caritas serves.

She also leads a decidedly metric-driven business approach to mobilize leaders and accelerate strategies to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion inside and outside the walls of AmeriHealth Caritas. As a result, opportunities for people to experience health, wholeness, and belonging are enhanced by addressing the social, economic, and environmental conditions that are drivers of poor health.

In addressing the landscape of needs among the nation’s vulnerable populations, Dale has cultivated a focus that has helped AmeriHealth Caritas concurrently innovate, while meeting the highest levels of quality and service. These efforts include the use of digital tools to aid in the management of chronic diseases, peer-to-peer outreach using community health workers and peer specialists, and the use of a human-centered member engagement approach.

Dale’s vision is notably reflected in key programs addressing Black maternal health, racism, housing, transportation, violence interruption, and food insecurity. In addition, her philosophy that health care must evolve into a health ecosystem that promotes wellness without barriers, starting where people are, has led to several collaborative relationships with providers, community partners, philanthropists, and businesses to implement sustainable, scalable solutions with high impact.

Her hobbies include gardening, creating healthy Caribbean recipes, traveling, and watching her son’s soccer games.

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Travis Auth

Travis Auth

Director, Finance

Travis Auth is the Director of Finance for AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (DC). He is responsible for oversight of all financial activities for the plan.

Prior to joining AmeriHealth Caritas DC, he served as a program manager at a state Medicaid program responsible for implementing and evaluating alternative reimbursement models, quality programs, and managed care financial oversight. Auth has over 10 years of experience in various financial planning and analysis roles in both the public and private sectors, helping organizations with risk management, business process improvement, and audit readiness.

Auth is a licensed certified public accountant (CPA) and earned a dual degree in finance and accounting from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.

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Rosalyn Carr Stephens, MSN, R.N., CCM

Rosalyn Carr Stephens, MSN, R.N., CCM

Director of Population Health Management

Rosalyn Carr Stephens, R.N., MSN, CCM, has served in the role of Market Clinical Director of Population Health Management since 2017. Stephens joined AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia as a health care consultant in 2015. She brought her experience as a subject matter expert in the areas of operational analysis, population management strategies and clinical staff training to a variety of Medicaid and Medicare managed care organizations. She has over 35 years of clinical and health insurance industry experience in Florida, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Previous roles as a health plan executive included programmatic oversight of utilization review, pre-certification, case and disease management, care coordination, and wellness outreach programs. Stephens’ passion lies in implementing clinical initiatives designed to impact health and social trends within target populations.

Stephens is trained as a pediatric nurse practitioner; however, her nursing career has spanned a variety of specialties including research, newborn intensive care unit, home care, pediatric rehabilitation, GYN outpatient services, and health care consultant to Medicaid and Medicare health plans. She has 20 years of experience in the District of Columbia with Medicaid managed care organizations.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree in biology from St. Leo University in St. Leo, Florida; her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Barry University in Miami, Florida; and her Master of Science degree, pediatric nurse practitioner track, from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

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Tracey Davis, Pharm.D.

Tracey Davis, Pharm.D.

Director, Pharmacy

Tracey Davis, Pharm.D., is the Director of Pharmacy at AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (DC). She acts as the health plan’s pharmacy liaison to the District’s Department of Health Care Finance on matters related to the achievement of AmeriHealth Caritas DC’s pharmacy-related quality and community outreach goals, as well as providing oversight of the plan’s pharmacy benefits manager.

Davis specializes in policy development and change management. She has an extremely diverse background, having worked in hospital, retail managed care pharmacy, and government health plan settings.

She has a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Howard University and a certification in medication therapy management. Davis completed a general practice residency in 2004. She believes that evolution requires us to aspire to be more.

Davis lives in Maryland. She enjoys golf, teaching yoga, and spending time with her children in the park.

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Leginia Driscoll

Leginia Driscoll

Director for Quality Management

Leginia (Jigi) Driscoll is Director for Quality Management for AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (DC). She is responsible for ongoing quality improvement and effectiveness of the Health Plan’s Quality Management Program.

Prior to joining AmeriHealth Caritas DC, Driscoll served as the Manager for Clinical Outcomes and Patient Safety at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where she managed the Incidence and Occurrence system as well as the Root Cause Analysis process. Throughout her career, be it as a critical care nurse or in her administrative roles, evidence on the connection between creating a strong foundation and sustainable success for any process/situation has been irrefutable. This evidence is what drives her passion in partnering with department leaders in strengthening the foundations of both the team and processes to maximize results.

Living on the tenets of continuous improvement, she is devoted to optimizing systems and the talents within; encouraging divergent thinking as a vehicle for creative solutions. She credits her training as an Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach through the Organizational Dynamics program at the University of Pennsylvania for her outcome-centered approach in growth and change development.

One of her greatest enjoyments in life is inspiring others to inspire themselves. She revels in learning anything that promotes self-growth and development; specifically, from the neuroscience perspective, which she infuses as a guiding light for both her team and children. 

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Nathan Fletcher, D.D.S.

Nathan Fletcher, D.D.S.

Dental Director

Nathan Fletcher is the Dental Director for AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (DC). He is responsible for directing the oral health program for the health plan.

Prior to joining AmeriHealth Caritas DC, Dr. Fletcher was in private practice dentistry and served as the Interim Executive Director of the National Dental Association. He has also been a consultant in the Philadelphia Prison System as the Vice President for Operations with Mumby & Simmons Dental Consultant and served as a consultant evaluating the statewide Pennsylvania Division of Corrections dental operations.

Dr. Fletcher earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Morgan State University and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Howard University.

Dr. Fletcher was the 84th National President of the National Dental Association (NDA). He was recognized as one of the Ebony Power 150 in May 2008 as an Organizational Leader. Dr. Fletcher has also been featured in Ebony and the Baltimore Urban League’s 2008 publication The State of Black Baltimore.

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Darla Bishop, DrPH

Darla Bishop, DrPH

Director of Enrollee Engagement

Darla Bishop, DrPH, is the Director of Enrollee Engagement for AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (DC). She is responsible for initiatives that improve health outcomes and enrollee engagement that delivers ongoing value to enrollees.

Before returning to AmeriHealth Caritas DC in 2021, Darla led special projects for Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc., a health plan that serves 5,000 enrollees with complex medical and special needs.

Darla earned her Doctorate in Public Health in health policy from George Washington University, and holds a master’s degree in public health and bachelor degrees in biopsychology, and linguistics and Spanish from the University of Michigan.

Dr. Bishop is a proud military spouse and volunteers with causes that promote financial literacy, uplift Black women, and support military families.

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Cheree Ingram, M.B.A., M.S.

Cheree Ingram, M.B.A., M.S.

Director, Executive Projects

Cheree Ingram is Director of Executive Projects for AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (DC).

She is responsible for overseeing and managing AmeriHealth Caritas DC’s portfolio of information technology programs and projects, leading various mobile initiatives, including developing mobile applications and text messaging services; tracking plan-level operational, project, and compliance tasks to ensure timely delivery; and defining data models and reporting metrics to support operational metrics and compliance requirements. In addition, Ingram is responsible for aligning existing and identifying new programs and initiatives to improve quality of care and mitigate gaps in operational and compliance performance.

Prior to joining AmeriHealth Caritas DC, Ingram served in various leadership positions at CareFirst Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the functional areas of operations, claims, project management, and information technology (IT) development. At CareFirst, Cheree won the first CIO award for launching its first corporate website in under six months while staying on budget. As a senior product manager for a boutique health information company, she was responsible for overseeing its care management stratification and a risk adjustment Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) product.

Ingram earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in paralegal studies from University College at University of Maryland, an M.B.A. from Loyola University, and a Master of Science degree in applied positive psychology from University of Pennsylvania.

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Joshua Kauffman, Esq.

Joshua Kauffman, Esq.

Compliance Officer and Director of Program Integrity

Joshua Kauffman is the Compliance Officer and Director of Program Integrity for AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (DC).

He is responsible for administering the Compliance program for AmeriHealth Caritas DC and ensuring AmeriHealth Caritas DC remains in compliance with all applicable regulations. 

Prior to joining AmeriHealth Caritas DC, Kauffman served as Regulatory Compliance Director for two managed care organizations in Virginia. He received his law degree from Drexel University and Bachelor of Arts degree from Franklin and Marshall College. 

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Keith Maccannon, M.B.A.

Keith Maccannon, M.B.A.

Director, Marketing, Community Relations, and Outreach

Keith Maccannon is the Director of Marketing, Community Relations, and Outreach for AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (DC). He is responsible for the community health programs and marketing for the plan.

Prior to joining AmeriHealth Caritas DC, Maccannon served as a Lead Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton and Director of Product Marketing and Development at Kaiser Permanente.

Maccannon earned a Master of Business Administration degree in strategy and marketing from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton University. He also serves as a basketball coach for a youth league in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Yavar Moghimi, M.D.

Yavar Moghimi, M.D.

Medical Director, Behavioral Health

Yavar Moghimi is the Medical Director of Behavioral Health for AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (DC).

Dr. Moghimi is responsible for improving behavioral health quality measures by enhancing the integration of behavioral health services with primary care and developing partnerships with community stakeholders to better reach AmeriHealth Caritas DC enrollees with behavioral health and/or substance use needs. Additionally, Dr. Moghimi serves as the primary point of contact for regulators on behavioral health matters in the District.

Prior to joining AmeriHealth Caritas DC, Dr. Moghimi served as a psychiatrist at Whitman-Walker Health, where he continues to work as a behavioral health provider. Dr. Moghimi is also a professor at George Washington University and leads his own private behavioral health practice.

Dr. Moghimi earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from George Washington University, where he also completed his psychiatry residency. Dr. Moghimi also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Old Dominion University.

He was previously the president of the D.C. chapter of the Washington Psychiatric Society and is the current chair of the HIV Psychiatry Steering Committee of the American Psychiatric Association. He is currently a fellow of the Brown University Clinical and Community-Based HIV/AIDS Research Training Fellowship.

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Bobbie J. Monagan

Bobbie J. Monagan

Director, Provider Network Management

Bobbie J. Monagan is a dynamic executive with over twenty years of experience in the health care field and with a demonstrated record of accomplishment in contract negotiations. Mrs. Monagan is a highly skilled leader with experience in operational excellence, cost containment, contractor management, and revenue generation. 

She also has widespread knowledge of various reimbursement methodologies in multiple lines of business and products. Mrs. Monagan has worked with health solutions in the areas of Provider Operations, Network Development, Health Care Management, and Provider Relations. 

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Jerome Schorr, MHSA, CPHQ

Jerome Schorr, MHSA, CPHQ

Director, Local Operations

Jerome Schorr is the Director of Local Operations at AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (DC). Schorr leads the Quality program, following the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards and guidelines for continuous quality improvement.

Prior to joining AmeriHealth Caritas DC, Schorr had a distinguished military career, serving in numerous roles including combat medic, ICU nurse, and multiple leadership positions both at home and abroad. Before enlisting in the Army in 2001, his focus was in behavioral health, working in both residential and acute inpatient psychiatric facilities. Schorr is a data-driven leader with more than 20 years of health care, administrative, and leadership experience. He is endorsed as a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) by the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ).

Schorr earned a Master of Science degree in health services administration from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Hartwick College. He is certified through the University of Pennsylvania as a master resilience trainer

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Pete Stoessel

Pete Stoessel

Director of Contract Performance

Pete Stoessel is Director of Contract Performance for AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia. A senior-level manager with more than 20 years of managed care and leadership experience, he focuses on identifying efficient, cost-effective strategies for program implementation and management.

He possesses extensive experience working with both private- and public-sector managed care organizations, implementing data exchange strategies across the care delivery continuum, and identifying opportunities to expand access to health services through innovative partnerships with both internal and external stakeholders. 

In his role as Director of Contract Performance, Stoessel is responsible for managing the organization’s response to contract implementation reviews with governmental agencies, coordinating the response to external performance audits and operational reviews, and coordinating the organization’s response related to regulatory reporting. Additionally, he is responsible for developing and implementing programs to enhance the scope, quality, and utility of data being exchanged between the plan and provider and community stakeholders.

Stoessel holds a Bachelor of Science degree from James Madison University and MBA and Master of Science degrees from Marymount University.

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Eva Sweeney, RN, MPA

Eva Sweeney, RN, MPA

Market Clinical Director, Population Health Management

Eva Sweeney leads the Case Management and Care Coordination teams at AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (DC).

Sweeney joined AmeriHealth Caritas DC in 2023. Her professional experience includes leadership roles with multiple D.C. area hospitals and FQHCs, as well as international humanitarian response groups and refugee assistance organizations. She brings a wealth of expertise in maternal health and diabetes education.

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